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NISSEI was established in 1953, succeeding the business of Kuhara Trading Co., Ltd.
which was started by Fusanosuke Kuhara, who was also the founder of Kuhara Mining Co.,the parent organization of Hitachi Ltd. and Japan Energy Corporation.
Since the establishment, we have been standing by a management policy of aiming to compound and organize both manufacturing and merchandising abilities via engineering.
Now we as a manufacturer provide a wide range of high quality products-mechanical parking system, freeze-dry machinery, environment-related equipment, arc furnace, etc., which are produced through our own unique cutting-edge technology and know-how, and we have won a customer confidence and high appraisal.
As for the merchandising area, we have tied up with worldwide specialist manufacturers and worked as a coordinator between customers and makers in order to create new value of enterprises needed by contemporary customers and to response flexibly to such needs, providing such as industrial machinery and equipment, information & communication equipment, semiconductor-related equipment, plastic products, residential equipment, environment-related products, etc.
We think we would always be active and try a new business challenge in 21st century in order to be a company trusted by customers and satisfy them through the integrated business activity of manufacturing and merchandising.

Message from the President

Since its foundation in 1953, our company, functioning as both a manufacturing and a trading company, has been developing wide range o f business a ctivities with o ur m anagementprinciple to contribute to creating an comfortable societythrough providing superior products and services that meet our customers’ needs.

Functioning as a manufacturer, we have received great trust and high evaluations from customers by providing products and services that w ill continue to l ead the i ndustry with comprehensive power backed by abundant experience and genuine skills, such as: creating a mechanical parking facility represented by a “flexible parking system” and producing freeze-drying equipment using a sealed tube method, for which we have received the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award from the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers.

As a trading company, we are collectively working to flexibly and swiftly deal with our various customers’ needs by providing goods and services, such as: industrial equipment facilities using cutting-edge mechatronics techniques, goods and chemical products that are environmentally friendly, and information and communication devices that apply to an advanced information society.

With ongoing social globalization, information media evolving, environment surrounding companies changing, and the social needs diversifying on daily basis, our company will endeavor to develop business activities considering the perspective of the customers, and to fulfill social responsibility as a company.
We would appreciate your further guidance and support.

President and CEO
Akio Endo


Corporate Name Nissei Limited
Address MEISAN NISHISHIMBASHI BLDG,18-17,NishiShimbashi 1-chome,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan #105-8411
Foundation December 16th, 1953
Capital 0.45 billion Yen
Major Stockholders NM Holdings Co., Ltd.
Employees 311
Board Members Akio Endo President
Junichi Kawahata Executive Vice President
Makoto Homma Managing Director
Yoshihiko Takao Managing Director
Mitsunori Akino Director
Toru Sakuma Director
Hiroto Kuribara Director
Takahiro Nagato Director
Toshiyuki Shindo Auditor